Pianist - Composer
Sandrine Erdely-Sayo, Piano and Prepared Piano
Elizabeth Peña, Narrator
Barbara Di Toro, Soprano
Steve Rowe, Tenor
Official Release
June 20, 2014
The Sylphs
Bell rock

Hymn to Sedona
written for piano,
soprano, tenor and
narrator, is a
dedication to one of
the most beautiful
cities in the world.
Sedona is an infinite
flow of inspiration
and energy where
love, life, sound and
colors form a perfect
A breezy afternoon,
on the top of Bell
Rock, I was listening
to a light and soft
wind when suddenly
a melody danced in
my ears. As I didn’t
have either a pen or
music paper, my
friend said to me to
write it on the rock
with a stone; which I
did immediately
being afraid that the
notes would run
away. I took a picture
of it and came back
home, to the Village
of Oak Creek, to write
the beginning of the
Hymn to Sedona.  
Hymn to Sedona

Sedona, beauty and peace,
Where the light and colors sing,
The red rocks wake up our dreams,
Spritis flourish in the streams.

Sedona, Sedona !

Sedona, a song of hope,
Brings harmony joy and love,
The sun glitters with the stars,
Showing splendor day and night.

Sedona, Sedona !

©sandrine erdely-sayo 2014
©All rights reserved.Sandrine Erdely-Sayo 2014